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Only PowerLift has been building hydraulic doors continuously since 1992, longer than anyone else in the industry.  Only PowerLift provides local manufacturing, sales, and service throughout North America, giving you confidence in knowing we will always be there when and where you need us.  Only PowerLift installs each and every door, making your project hassle free from start to finish.  Only PowerLift has a lifetime warranty on the structure of the door.  Yes, we have that much faith and experience in the quality of our doors!  So, what door should you buy?  Only PowerLift!

Call us first!  We are getting calls almost daily from customers that have put down a deposit to other door manufacturers, but have not received their door or even a returned phone call or email.  Sometimes history has a way of repeating itself!  Do your research before you buy!  We are the largest hydraulic door manufacturer, and have been building only hydraulic doors since 1992, longer than anyone!  During all this time and over 8000 doors, we have NEVER left our customers feeling cheated or dissatisfied.  Check us out on the discussion forums and with any of our customers.  Contact us for a list of references, and you will learn that we have been successful all these years simply by being honest and by giving customers what they expect! - Rick Peterson, Owner of PowerLift Hydraulic Doors


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PowerLift Hydraulic Doors is truly the PowerHouse of the Door Industry! Our experience over twenty years with thousands of satisfied customers has helped refine every aspect of building, installing and servicing your PowerLift door in these industries!  These custom hydraulic doors not only work great for commercial buildings, they are fantastic for agricultural, aviation and residential applications, too. They can be installed on any building, as we provide retro-fit services that can meet any requirements. Another fantastic benefit of our doors is that they look amazing! Such a clean, perfect fit on your building; you’re sure to get compliments and just love how they fit so securely, allowing for clean lines when they are closed.


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